Megasharecash Inc Affiliate Policy.

When using our Service, such as Megasharecash Affiliate, you must comply with this Megasharecash Inc Peer To Peer Affiliate Policy.

Last modified: 23/5/2019

Follow any guidelines and instructions in our technical documentation. Maintain a Megasharecash Affiliate Platform profile with customer support contact information, including one or more of the following: email address, phone number e.t.c. All information should be up-to-date. Acceptable Communication Medium Advertising, marketing, or promotional messages are not permitted, unless authorized by us in writing via email( Any templates used to message Megashare users must comply with our Terms & Policy. We may review any message templates prior to their use.

Your Acceptance: This is an agreement between Megashare Inc., a hawaii corporation ("megasharecash"), the owner and operator of (the "Megasharecash Site"), including Megasharecash Peer To Peer Platform (collectively, including all content provided by Megasharecash through Megasharecash Platform and the megashare's Site, the " Megasharecash Service", or the "Service"), and you ("you" or "You"), a user of the Service. BY USING THE SERVICE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO THESE TERMS OF SERVICE, AND MEGASHARECASH’S PRIVACY POLICY, WHICH CAN BE FOUND AT PRIVACY POLICY AND WHICH ARE INCORPORATED HEREIN BY REFERENCE. If you choose to not agree with any of these terms, you may not use the Service. . Where ever you see Megashare's, "Megasharecash" or Megashare Inc. note it is thesame as one.

Megasharecash Service

These Terms of Service apply to all users of the Megasharecash Service. Information provided by our users through the Megasharecash Service may contain links to third party websites that are not owned or controlled by Megasharecash. Megasharecash has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party websites. In addition, Megasharecash will not and cannot censor or edit the content of any third-party site. By using the Service, you expressly acknowledge and agree that Megasharecash shall not be responsible for any damages, claims or other liability arising from or related to your use of any third-party website.

User Engagement

You may only contact people on Megasharecash if(1) their profile displays on your dashboard; and (2) they are registered with us and have a valid account on Megashare Inc. (3)Or your must be an affiliate users. You are solely responsible for providing the appropriate notices and obtaining the appropriate consents from users.
Megashare permits you to have full access to our webpage after all process must have been complete and the use of this Service is for personal purposes only. Megashare reserves the right to discontinue any aspect of the Megashare Service at any time.

Megasharecash Community Standards

INCOMPLATE TRANSACTION. Megasharecash prohibits any agreement within users that is outside our terms of service we will not condone or express support for such user’s (Including default).

Criminal Activity. We prohibit use of Megasharecash to defraud anyone, or to facilitate or organize criminal activity that causes physical or mentally harm to people, businesses, or financial damage to people or businesses.

Protect Data

Don't use any data obtained from us about the people you reach via out platform, other than payment purpose, in use of this for any purpose other than as stated above will lead to blocking of account.
Privacy Policy. You are responsible for complying with applicable law, including maintaining a Privacy Policy and securing all necessary permissions and consent to collect, store, and use content and information from others you reach in Megasharecash. Payments. Always make payment to profile you see on your dashboard, Do not share or ask people to share individual financial account numbers via text messages or any messaging platform, ensure you report such user’s. Service Providers Ensure your agreements with Individuals do not conflict with, and that arrangement agree to, the Megasharecash Terms of Service, including these policies. Ensure you have the authority to act as an affiliate in order to enjoy full affiliate benefits, and that your use of our Platform is strictly for the benefit of yourself and Others. Don't facilitate or encourage any violations of our policies.

Enforcement and Updates

  • We may limit or remove your access to Megasharecash if we receive excessive negative feedback, cause harm to Megasharecash or our users, violate or encourage others to violate the Megasharecash Terms of Service or policies, as determined by us in our sole discretion.

    If you use any harmful means to harm any user from our platform anything other than official Megasharecash service or tools to perform the same functions as what those Megasharecash tools provide, we reserve the right to limit or remove your access to Megasharecash.

    If we terminate your account for violations of our Megasharecash Terms of Service or policies, we may prohibit your Number and any details linking to you from using Megasharecash again.

    We may update these policies at any time without notice to the full extent permitted by law.

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